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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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found no signs kaylee was in danger. >> her family is grieving. >> after court, family members declined to comment except for sara krueger's father. he claims her daughter was manipulated by her boyfriend. today he lashed out at the media. >> you people have brutalized this case, hung my daughter and tried her before anything has ever happened so you know what, go away. >> now, prosecutors have subpoenaed medical records from two hospitals, including queen of the valley medical center in napa. officials there won't say if the record records show a pattern of abuse but koun firm they do belong to kaylee slusher. >> both prosecutors and defense attorneys declined to comment today, as well. sara krueger and ryan warner will be back in court next month. ktvu channel 2 news. we've been digging for information on this story ever since it first broke, and we've posted much of our work on our web site you can also read the criminal complaint there in its entirety. everyone's storm watch
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tonight. we'll start with a live look outside. it is cloudy over the bay tonight. this is from our camera? emeryville look out toward the city. the transition to cooler weather has begun and a storm is brewing off the california coast. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking that storm and has the timing on when the rain is expected to start. bill. >> that's right, gasia. we need the rain. this is a good storm coming in. actually, it's more than one storm. it's a couple. here's no. 1 sitting right here. that shows up tomorrow. here's no. 2 sitting out behind it. that shows up on friday. we're coming a little closer. you can see the clouds thickening up. if i pull up the radar sweeps right now, two ray dors going, two dopplers. you see a little bit of moistening up in the atmosphere. that's not rain. that's just really moist atmosphere. so what we're seeing is a good sign that the atmosphere is moistening up kind of priming itself before this system comes in. so take a look at some of the rain fall potentials up in the coastal hills over the next 24 hours or so. we could easily see 2 inches of rain, 1 to 2 inches easily.
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around the rest of the bay area we could see a solid inch in some of the heaviest locations so a nice douzing, storm no. 1 is going to have rain. it's going to have wind. when i come back, i'll have the complete timing as it moves into your commute because it will impact your commute. not only that, the friday storm is going to whack the commute, as well. we'll put this all together. i'll see you back here right after the break. the drought has the santa clara valley water district debating whether to ask its customers for a 20% reduction in water use. the district approved a 10% reduction last month but says the overall lack of rain is still having a major impact on reservoirs. >> we also got word from the state and federal water projects that we're not going to get a lot of water in 2014. >> the district is a wholesaler, which means it does not actually have the authority to impose mandatory restrictions, but what the district can do is recommend that its customers, which include municipalities like san jose, implement mandatory measures as needed to reach the
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20% target for reducing water use. the most severe water cutbacks in the state are now being issued north of us. people in ukiah valley, who get their water from lake mendocino will now have to cut back by 50%. the mandatory restrictions were approved last night by the russian river water district. as of yesterday afternoon, lake mendocino was only about 41% of capacity, and obviously with this drought, every drop of water counts. tonight at 5 vrment30, what some folks are doing on their own to collect all the water they can. continuing coverage now of safety concerns surrounding the eastern span of the bay bridge. today caltran addressed unplanned issues including misalignments and leaks. hundreds of thousands of people use the bay bridge every day. caltrans says workhorse at bay area bridges may not be perfect, it is safe. ktvu's tom vacar was at that announcement. he's live now on treasure island. tom, we have seen this before. >> yeah. the question becomes are these
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dumb or deliberate defects or simply tweakable troubles. there are allegations that the steel road decks on the sitting tower suspension span were misfitted and welded in a way that they'll break from normal use or in an earthquake. >> the position of the project is that this is not an issue. it does not affect the structural stability of the bridge. it does not affect its seismic performance in the event of an earthquake. >> caltrans also commented on several hundred water leaks in the supposedly watertight steel road decks found when it rained a couple of weeks ago. >> there are leak holes, dehumidify kags. we anticipated water, and we have the steps in place to manage this issue. >> gordon says demolition of the old bridge road decks continues on schedule with work to dismantle the double peaked section to be obvious next month. he also says the pedestrian and bike path will be closed on weekends in april to install the permanent connecter to the oakland side. the connection to island is still more than a year away.
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>> is this bridge now and will it in the future perform as designed? >> yes. >> will this bridge last 150 years as promised? >> yes. >> will this bridge be able to with stand the largest credible earthquake in a 1500 year cycle and be able to be put back into service on a lifeline schedule? >> yes. that is -- that is what the engineers and designers and construction team adamantly believe. >> so coming at 6:00, our exclusive interview with caltrans chief bridge engineer who takes on his critics and their criticisms. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the construction problems that have plagued the new eastern span. last march before the opening, seismic bolts were found to be defective. temporary steel saddles were put in place and the span opened last september on labor day. then february 10th, caltrans revealed a section of the roadbed spraying hundreds of leaks following a major storm. just last week, we learned the head of the bay area toll authority is calling on caltrans to provide what he called a
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punch list detailing the remaining work required on that bridge. u.s. regulators are imposing a $500,000 fine against asiana airlines for breaking a law that has never been broken before. federal regulators say the airlines failed to provide prompt and generous assistance to relatives of crash victims at sfo last year. some family members were not contacted for two to five days. regulators say the airline didn't have enough translaters or trained personnel to contact everyone quickly. there were 291 people on board that flight. three passengers died, many others were injured. people are responding to new fears that someone is trying to poison pets in san francisco by hiding tainted meat balls in bushes and shrubs for dogs to eat. another dog had a close call in the twin peaks neighborhood where more than 20 potentially poisoned meat balls were found over the weekend. hundreds were found in july. ktvu's david stevenson is live there now. david, dog owners tell you
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they're afraid and angry. >> they are. there are warnings all around this targeted neighborhood, and for some, there is anger that this is happening again. >> resting at home after owner tom spotted her eating a poisoned meat ball monday on a trail in san francisco's twin peak neighborhood. >> i panicked, and i started trying to get her induce vomiting, put any finger down her throat. it just didn't work. >> a trip to the vet helped her cough up evidence in what he appears to be a string of animal poisoning. >> a deadly nervous system poison. >> san francisco's animal control and welfare department says 45 to 50 meat balls have been found primarily in twin peaks. an mall control officers worry it's becoming harder to spot them. >> they're decomposing. basically they're turning dark and blending in with the -- the foliage out there. >> we've got to find this person. >> owner dorothy is especially angry. her beloved dog oscar was killed by a poisoned meat ball last
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july. on friday, a. j. sniffed out two meat balls a block away from her twin peaks home. >> whoever this person is, stop it. for heaven's sakes, don't -- don't be such a killer. it's not nice. >> fears of a copy cat prompted police to collect clay-like balls found on a sidewalk in the city's neighborhood this morning. the police department's crime lab is analyzing the meat ball segments, and today with animal control officers to compare notes on this case. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. only on 2, an unusual discovery at a major construction site right in the middle of downtown san francisco. this afternoon, the san francisco coroner confirmed that it is the skelton of a native american. ktvu's john fowler is at the trans bay terminal this evening with the find and what happens next. john. >> where i'm standing on fremont street near mission used to be a marsh along what became known as
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the san francisco bay, but today it is the construction site for the trans bay transit center. directly under fremont street between mission and howard, trans bay terminal contractors were digging today in the thick clay 60 feet below street level. >> today at about 8:00 a.m., we made a discovery, which we believe are human remains. >> we saw an adult skull in what appears to be a thigh bone. out of respect, we're not showing any pictures. an archaeologist told me the body does not appear to be intentionally buried. workers taped off the area and call it had san francisco coroner. we learned the area had been a glass land thousands of years ago then a marsh as sea levels rose. native americans lived along the shore line until ewe europeans settled here. the body is native american. i spoke with consulting archaeologist james allen by phone. >> they in turn will appoint a native american who will serve in the capacity most likely descendent. >> allen told me the most likely
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descendent will then determine whether to move the remains or leave them here. if left here, the transit center must provide public access. allen said his team plans to study the site the next few weeks to determine how and when this person lived and died. contractors say all of this will have no affect on construction. reporting live in san francisco, john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. this isn't the first time an artifact has been found tat trans bay terminal site. in september of 2012, a crane operator found an 11,000-year-old mammoth tooth. to give you some perspective, it's about a foot long. it was donated to the california academy of sciences. the project has posted other finds on their web site, as well, including a chinese teapot that they found in the backyard of 47 ministries right in the heart of the construction zone. and we've created a larger photo gallery of some of the other notable finds, including toys,
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ceramics, even an old glass syringe. san jose arson investigators are combing through the rubble of a fire that killed a man early this morning. the fire was reported just after midnight at a cottage. when crews put the fire out, they found the body of a man inside. neighbors told us that he's in his late 40s, and they say his name is brad, but we have no official word on his identity. police are treating the burned home as a crime scene. arrested 22 different times for the same crime. >> have you been arrested before? >> many times. they always arrest me. >> 2 investigates what happens when jail time isn't enough to stop repeat offenders. coming up, an hour-by-hour look at when rain and wind will move into your neighborhood. those incoming storms will help replenish bay area water supplies, but learn how some are taking a do-it-yourself approach to storing water. >> about 200 gallons worth of water. [dad] [laughs]
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a purple building in san jose was destroyed by a fire this morning but the man living there escaped with minor smoke inhalation. his small dog is missing. the fire started just before 6:00 this morning inside a trailer at east san antonio street near 24th street. it's the same neighborhood that's been terrorized recently by an arsonist. investigators are still looking for the cause of this fire. the future of the virtual currency bitcoin is being questioned tonight after one of its exchange web sites abruptly went offline today. according to unconfirmed reports, the bitcoin exchange left nearly 745,000 of its users bitcoins which amounts to about $367 million. this comes after the ceo resigned from the bitcoin foundation's board of directors on sunday. because bitcoin investors deposit their holdings in digital wallets, the shut down is similar to the closing of a bank and, therefore, users now
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cannot access their funds. happening now, fire crews are on the scene of a natural gas leak. fire officials say residents at the menlo commons apartment complex on santa cruz avenue were asked to shelter in place following a break in a small gas line this afternoon. a pg&e official say that is a third-party contractor broke a 2-inch line that connects to the complex. at this point, no reports of any injuries. pg&e crews have been called to the scene to fix the problem. a high school in oakland was evacuated today after reports of a gas leak. students lined up outside skyline high school in oakland this morning while pg&e crews worked to stop the leak. ktvu's john sasaki is at that school tonight. john, this has happened before. parents are getting frustrated. >> indeed, frank. klasses are set to begin again tomorrow as scheduled, fwu that's after a week of gas leak issues, including a big leak this morning. >> with the way students reacted at skyline high school this morning, you might have thought
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summer vacation had started. 1900 teenagers flood into the surrounding oakland neighborhood after classes were cancelled because of a gas leak. >> i got kind of scared. i thought someone might have or something, a little bit explode. >> we should be having class. i was in the middle of tafking a test, getting ready for college. fire alarm went off and we just walked off. >> students were first confined to field around 9:30 a.m. while the leak was investigated. parents are not happy. >> they're not letting kids out. it's like a prison. they're on lockdown. kids smell gas. they want to leave, and they can't. >> would not be capped for hours. school officials then let students go home. that upset parents, as well, especially because this is the third gas leak incident here since last monday. >> cutting back from their progress from finishing school. now, they're days behind. so every day is important. >> the school has planned for a certain number of days and -- for the reserve or emergencies, and they're still within that
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reserve. >> early on a worker told me he thought it might have been a student, but it turns out this incident was related to work on the centralized heating system. the principal told me a crew work on the system mistakenly opened the wrong valve which allowed gas to flow into an unused science lab. >> it's scary to go to a school where you can't depend on, like, heat and stuff to work without feerg for your health. >> crews shut off the valve before noon. that valve has since been permanently cap sod this never happens again. now, as it says on this note sent home to parents, the other two incidents were completely unrelated and not relate today any faulty infrastructure. live in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. outrage is growing over a proposal to add another homeless shelter. opponents gathered today at the steps of city hall to speak out against a plan for a 100-bed sherlt on jennings streechlt they accused the city of poverty in the bayview, which they say has far more beds for the homeless compared to other parts of the city.
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>> when poverty is all concentrated in one place, nobody gets out of poverty. we don't want to create a situation where people are shipped to an out-of-the-way area. >> opponents say they've gathered 2000 sittings opposing the shelter. all right. let's go back to our weather because we've been talking about the rain that is on the way. i guess by this time tomorrow, it should be pretty well. >> yeah. live storm tracker 2 will be let up. rain in the forecast, and it will have a big impact on tomorrow afsh's commute. rain and wind and wednesday afternoon. the roads will be wet. here's the systems i'm tracking, two of them. the first one rolls in tomorrow. could see anywhere from a half inch to inch and a half of rain in most cities. storm no. 2 rolls in here on friday and saturdays and brings a little less rain but maybe a little more wind. here are the systems now. i marked them earlier. here's storm no. 1 right here. here's storm no. 2 right here. it's going to provide us with by the end of the weekend we could see 4 or 5 inches of rain in
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many bay area locations, which would be great. the radars are sweepg. the reason we know it's a nice-look weather system is see that green showing up offshore? that's the atmosphere priming. the radar is picking it up and saying, hey, look, this atmosphere is moist. these clouds running ahead of the system are moistening the atmosphere getting it ready. when the storm gets here tomorrow it's going to really start to dump out water. that's good. kind of dry when it gets here. doesn't rain as much. when it's most like this, it's going to rain. 47 in napa. 47 in val val. tomorrow morning's temperatures on the mild side because of the clouds. there's wednesday at 5:00 a.m.. light showers in santa rosa. probably a little drizzle for most of us. this is your early-morning commute. this is your 8:00 a.m. commute. little bit of water in san rafael. then a little break here then 2:00 it starts to go off again so this is about the time people start to get ready to go home from work. there we are 4:00. you're into the afternoon commute now so it's raining. most of it's going to be south. look at some of the rain fall accumulations by the time get
5:20 pm
into thursday morning. these are significant. inch and a half in oakland persons. any time the models are throwing one-and-a-half inches on oakland or, you know, almost 2 inches down the santa cruz mountains, you know you're going to get a good amount of rain. forecast highs tomorrow with the cloud cover way down. today we had temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow we're back into 50s and low 60s. plenty of clouds. that afternoon commute is going to be a dicey one. on a scale of one to ten, it's an eight. fridays looks like an eight, too. that big one we saw where we got 15 inches of rain for if north bay, that was a 10. for the south bay they didn't get anything. this weather system is going to impact the north bay, south bay and central bay. everybody is getting rain this time. that's good. a break on thursday so no matter how much rain we get here, we get our break on thursday. that's what you need, and it lights up again on friday. i like it when you do that. you don't have to worry too much about big deal flooding.
5:21 pm
we're not going to have flooding here, but we could see urban and small stream flood advisories pop up. so good news. that's what winter is supposed to look like. take a picture. >> finally. bottom line here, these next two storms much more widespread than what we had weeks ago. >> yeah. it's going to go from santa rosa all the way to monterey. >> we'll take it. they were sentenced to life in prison, most of them for murder. why a record number of inmates now walk free. and how a new pharmacy is using a new law to give patients better care. now to our julie haener in the news room with what we're work on for 6:00. a young woman was sitting at home whaen stray bullet left her paralyzed. >> then it went in, like, maybe around this area. >> her road to recovery and why she says she actually feels lucky, plus bold burglars breaking into people's homes while they're still there. a victim sounds the alarm about the convincing scheme she fell for. these storys and more coming up new at 6:00.
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uc san francisco today opened a new style of pharmacy they hope will give patients more control over their medications. at this walgreens at ucsf, the goal is to help patients understand what drugs they're taking and why. ucsf says medication errors are one of the leading causes of harm for patients. the more open design is aimed at improving communication and understanding at a time when an estimated one-third of americans is juggling five or more
5:25 pm
prescriptions. >> the pharmacist is not behind the typical counter with the medications, but out in front consulting patients. >> this comes as pharmacists are taking on a new role in healthcare, a law which took effect january 1st gives pharmacists the ability to adjust patients' prescriptions and monitor patient health. new figures show california is releasing a record number of inmates serving life sentences, most of whom were convicted of murder. in the last three years, governor brown authorize it had release of almost 1400 inmates facing life with the possibility of parol. that's more than twice the number of paroles granted by california's three previous governors combined. more than 80% of those releesd are in prison for murder. the spike in paroles comes as california grapples with severe overcrowding in its prisons. earlier this month, a panel of federal judges rule dz that california can have two more years to reduce crowding in its prisons. a party host who charges admission can now be held liable
5:26 pm
if an underage guest is injured or injures another person. yesterday the california supreme court ruled that a cover charge amounts to the sale of alcohol, which, therefore, creates liability for the person selling alcohol to obviously intoxicated minors. this case stems from a 2007 party in southern california in which one underage guest hit and killed another underage guest while leaving the party. we are tracking rain as the storm quickly approaches, some people are preparing to take advantage. >> about 200 gallons worth of water. free. free. >> after the break, what they're doing to collect their own water supply. and later, arrested 22 different times for the same crime. 2 investigates the legal system allowing repeat criminals to go from court to jail and back on the streets in just a matter of days. plus it's an incredible find. what a couple discovered in their own backyard, the coins they found that have turned them into millionaires. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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♪ complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. taking a live look outside. you can see the skies blue. we see lots of clouds. a bit of sun trying to peek
5:30 pm
through. this picture is going to change completely by tomorrow this time. this is the calm before the storm. at 5:00 tomorrow night, the bay area should be a whole lot grayer and wert. showers are expected to begin tomorrow morning and increase in intensity throughout the afternoon. of course, that's welcome news as we are right in the middle of a statewide drought. >> boy, it sure is. we have live team coverage. ken wayne found out how residents are taking advantage of the storm but first back to chief meteorologist bill martin with what to expect. >> what we're going to expect is what we usually get in february is a good series of winter storms going to roll in here, help out the reservoirs, help out your lawn. it's going to help out everything. here's storm no. 1 right here. that gets in here tomorrow. here's storm no. 2. that rolls in here on friday. it's all progressing in this direction. tornl night at this time, actually tomorrow noontime you're going to see green on live storm tracker 2. both the radars are turning right now. i pointed this out earlier. you're seeing this moist atmosphere. it just says the atmosphere is priemg itself. all that moisture is going to move in. as it does, it's going to create
5:31 pm
a trigger for when the dynamics get here tomorrow and really going to allow for rain fall, accumulation. check out oakland. they're going to go over an inch and a half in some places. oakland could go almost an inch and a half. santa rosa, you'll see more like an inch and a half, as well. we're not going to have big issues with floogd or anything like that, nothing like that, but we are going to see issues with the commute. so when i come back, i'm going to give you the timeline for tomorrow's commute because they're both going to have a little bit of mess on. we'll talk about that. friday morning's commute is going to get whacked, as well. all that coming up. from bill now, we go to ktvu's ken wayne. >> ken, you found a lot of people getting ready to take full advantage of the storm. >> gasia, water ajean sis across bay area are hoping to add millions of gallons of water from these incoming storms. we found local residents who are hoping to adjust a few dozen gallons to their water barrels. >> it actually was surprising
5:32 pm
how fast they filled up. >> when this barrel filled up thin the overflow went into the second barrel. >> but deniece robertson has her very own water supply at her home. >> within less than an hour, a light rain, they were full. >> she couldn't even use all the water she stored from the last storm and expects the upcoming rains to top off her four barrels in no time. >> we emptied it this week because we haven't had some rain, but we did it mostly in anticipation of the rain coming up. >> about 200 gallons worth of water free. >> while she tends her garden, her husband shops in pleasant hill for drought-resistant plants to cut down water consumption even more. >> kind of the california native type of plants, you know, just bought some lavenders. >> contra costa water officials will send someone to your house to look at ways of saving water. it could be through your irrigation or --. >> we also have a program where
5:33 pm
people can apply to replace their lawn, gain a garden and then also be paid per square foot that they replace. >> water restrictions aren't in place yet, but they could be coming soon to contra costa county. >> the district has a drought task force that is -- is looking at all possible scenarios and is -- is putting together those recommendations that we would take to the board. >> the contra costa water district does not offer water barrels, but some agencies do or offer rebates or can tell you how to get one. the thing to remember is the water you collect in those barrels is free, and gardeners tell me that your plants like the rainwater better than tap water. live in concord, ken wayne ktvu channel 2 news. >> and as the storms approach, we want to remind you you can get realtime weather updates whenever you want them on ktvu's new weather app. you can also find the latest at we have an update tonight on a 2 investigates story from last night. oakland school district officials say they will address parents' concerns about children
5:34 pm
fight at fruitvale elementary. the parents claim an increase in playground fieths due to a lack of supervision. in fact, one parent said there are four to five fights a week, and that school officials are not addressing the issue. this morning, district officials spent time at the school assessing the situation. one district official says there is room for improvement, but even so, she still doesn't think there's a problem with safety. >> it's a very safe school. the teachers are really upset about this because they praelly pride themselves on the safety of the school and the careing and kindness of the school and the work that they do there so it's a great place. we've never had any major incidents here. >> the district plans to add supervisors and new antibullying programs if needed. parents should also be getting letters by the end of the week with details about the district's plans. a san francisco woman says she was attacked in a bar because of her google glass, and she's calling it an antitech hate crime. the incident happened friday night at a bar identified as
5:35 pm
molatov. two women confronted her saying techies like her are destroying the city. one woman then grabbed her google glass then ran off. google glass is a wearable computer. it's not on sale to the general public. she got her google glass back, but while she chased the thief, someone else stole her purse, wallet and cell phone. next time you log onto facebook, you may notice that your facebook e-mail address is gone. the memo part company decided to end the service saying that few people were using it. in an e-mail sent to the facebook addresses will now be rerouted to a user's primary e-mail address. facebook says it plans to focus more on mobile messaging. just last week, the company acquired mobile messaging service. today that fixes a dangerous security hole in the osx operating system. mobile devices could be updated over the weekend, but apple was still processing a fix for laptop and desktop computers. the bug was identified last week as a way for hackers to act as a
5:36 pm
middleman and intercept any kind of personal transmission. ach l is urging users to download and install updates for all devices immediately. new at 5:00, dogs running wild at an east bay park. some familyings say that's driving them away. park is supposed to be off limits to dogs, but visitors tell us no one is there to enforce the rule. ktvu's christian live now at william wood park in oakland's diamond district with more on this. christian. >> take a look at the sign here, frank. it might be faded, but you should be able to read it here, the entrance to the park. it says, "clearly no dogs allowed here at this park." neighbors say for years they let that slide, but they say now it's gotten completely out of hand with off-leash dogs roaming in and out of the park intimidating people. >> our neighbor across the street here had been run into by a dog and had one of his tendons partially torn, and he was just run into by a ram bunk shs
5:37 pm
friendly dog. >> some neighbors complain that dog owners have taken over the park. neighbors describe instances where overactive dogs injured and endangered people, and many say they don't feel safe at the park, especially when dog owners let their dogs roam off leash. dog owners say the park is an ideal location to let their dogs play. they say it's frequently empty or filled with other dog sdmashgs responsible dog owners should be allowed to share the park. >> everybody should be responsible. he's a good dog. he doesn't make it hard on me. that's for sure. >> you want to keep dwlugz park? >> yeah, i am. >> neighbors here say they can't get police here to issue citations because it's a relatively low priority. neighbors have organized a meeting here tomorrow night, 6:00, to discuss the issue. oakland police are expected to be on land as is the council member for this area. we're live in oakland, christian, ktvu channel 2 news. new effort is underway to raul pleasant hill city clerk. she's come under fire for failing to produce formal minutes from city council
5:38 pm
meetings. a group of residents says they're law firming a petition drive to try to remove city clerk from office. organizers accuse her of accepting public funds for services she didn't provide. when she failed to produce minutes of meetings all of last year. she's been working on filing those delinquent minutes and has until the end of march to finish doing so. some 4800 sittings are need today place a recall on the november ballot. two new federal judges for the bay area won overwhelming senate confirmation today. 60-year-old beth freeman will join the federal court san jose branch. shesz served in san mateo superior court since 2001. 53-year-old james donato will serve at the federal courthouse. he has worked in private practice and spent three years in san francisco city attorney's office. both received their graduate degrees from uc berkeley. continuing coverage now on a controversial bill in arizona that sparked protests and debate about gay right. if signed into law, it could
5:39 pm
have major consequences for arizona's economy. it's now up to arizona governor jann brewer to decide what happens next. the arizona governor has until the end of the week to decide the fate of the bill, but pressure is mounting for her to veto it now. the law would allow business owners to deny service to gays or any customers based on religious grounds. >> look what it has caused over the last five day you have dmrshgs trucks. you have -- we are on national television. we are on national comedy shows, once again hurting arizona. >> opponents say the proposed law would tleed discrimination against gays and lesbians, but supporters say the bill has been unfairly misrepresented. >> thankfully there's protections in the religious freedom restoration act to ensure there is no abuchlts >> the legislation could threaten arizona's economy. fortune 500 companies such as marriott, american air license and apple have warned of a potential backlash, and with arizona set to host the next super bowl, some are worried that the nfl might consider
5:40 pm
moving the game. today the league said it is monitoring developments in arizona, and as we mentioned, governor brewer has until this saturday to act. the nba says the demand is so high for stanford alum jason collins' jersey, they're already putting it on sale. collins is the league's first openly-gay player and only has ten-day contract with the brooklyn nets. his no. 98 jersey is now on sale in the nba's online store. see him here wearing no. 46. tomorrow, though, collins will be wearing his regular number, 98 in honor of matthew shep hard, he's the university of wyoming student murdered in a hate crime in 1998. it's being called a vicious sieblg. >> have you been arrested before? >> millions of times. they always arrest me. >> up next, 2 investigates the legal system allowing a man with a restraining order to go from jail back to the streets in just days. and could a new trend be bringing back an old problem? the connection being made between the selfie and something
5:41 pm
you probably haven't worried about since your school days. i'm back here right after the break. some wet weather headed our way. umbrellas needed. commutes are going to be dicey nment in the next 72 hours. i'll have the details and timeline. see you back here. ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 on tv 36. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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tonight 2 investigates look tats repeated release of criminals from jail who continue to commit crimes. take, for example, the man in this surveillance video. he has been arrested and set
5:44 pm
free time and time again. in fact, police have arrested him 22 times all for the same thing. >> eric rasmussen looks at this case and what it will take to get repeated criminals like that man off the streets. >> don't put no camera on me, man. >> this is 42-year-old. >> do i look like somebody? do i look like i would hurt somebody? do i look like i'm a criminal? >> it's after midnight in front of the sana market on telegraph in oakland. pitman is in a familiar place, in the back of a police car. >> have you been arrested before? >> millions of times. they always arrest me. >> surveillance cameras recorded officers arresting pitman for the 22nd time in just a few years, his crime violating probation and a restraining order to stay away from this store. pitman had just gotten out of jail for the same violation a few days earlier. the store manager clearly fed up. >> want to throw a camera at my bavenlth -- back.
5:45 pm
what i do wrong? >> you ask him for some beer. >> that's lie. >> you asking him for some money. >> that's a lie. >> 2 investigates first began looking into pitman's story when officers arrested him in december. a judge sentenced pitman to 90 days in county jail, but that sentence was cut in half. with time served, pitman only spent an additional 22 days locked up. >> i think some people would hear that and think that's not a very long sentence. >> so we have to work within the confines of the law. >> the alameda county district attorney's office says pitman is committing misdemeanors. the max punishment is six months in jail, yet employees, customers, even police say pitman is not harmless. court documents show officers found him carrying a 3 to 4-inch dagger in 2012. last year, pitman was blocking traffic in front of the store on telegraph. >> we understand why people are frustrated, and i think that we
5:46 pm
do everything we can to work with the community. >> are there enough resources right now in the bay area for this kind of situation? >> well, there really aren't. >> eduardo vega is the executive director of the mental health association in san francisco. we showed him video of our encounter. >> i've been arrested for nothing. >> vega says break the cycle requires a focus on prevention, not just punishment. >> it's about preventing somebody from, you know, giving people options so they don't have to get really ill in order to get anything. right now, our system is fail first. >> back in court again last week, pitman pleaded no contest. it got him another 22 days in jail, but also a referral to alameda county's homeless actions center and a warning from the judge. >> you can't go back in front of that liquor store. do you understand that? >> yes. >> yet those who know pitman worry it's not enough to keep him out of trouble. >> as we know sometimes, sometimes things don't get done
5:47 pm
until somebody get hurt, and we don't want that to be the case here. >> now, once pitman is out of jail again in march, he'll no longer be on probation, but that stay-away order will still be in effect. eric rasmussen ktvu channel news. >> and if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team, you can e-mail us at 2 investigates@kt now to california's drought crisis. farmers in the central valley are dealing with the news they won't be getting any federal water this year. many are letting some of their fields go in order to keep other crops going. >> we've been cutting back and, you know, trying to save a little more water every year, and now with this year, we're probably going to have enough water for about 35 to 40% of the crops. >> many farmers are conserving what water they do have by swichg from flood irrigation to drip irrigation, and there are projects underway to create fresh water from agricultural run off using technology. now, satellites will be monitoring -- will now be monitoring drought conditions in
5:48 pm
california. itis part of a new partnership with the department of water resource that was announced today. nasa says data provided by the satellites will help water officials better assess the snow pack and ground water levels and predict storms. >> let's go now back to our chief meteorologist bill martin. he's talking about two good storms heading our way. bill, everyone is excited. >> yeah. two nice-look weather systems coming our wachlt the first one gets here tomorrow. it's going to play havoc little bit on the morning commute but on the afternoon commute it's going to get whack. let's talk about the warmth we have before we get into the store myness. it was 71 in livermore. these temperatures will drop a good 5 and 8 degrees tomorrow as this system moves on shore. you can see all the cloud cover out there. got the radar sping. i pointed this out earlier. you got all this moisture streaming in. it's not going to rain. it might drizzle in the coastal hills, but it's priming the atmosphere for the actual dynamics, the actual low pressure to get you tomorrow. a lot of times you get a storm
5:49 pm
in here, and you don't have the at mros fear primed. here we are tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.. you know, with a primed atmosphere and the moisture, you're going to see even in these areas that aren't showing potential rain fall, you're getting drizzle on the san mateo. that's 6:00 a.m.. then at 8:00 a.m., you see what's happening. here it comes. rain in santa rosa, scattered showers. not a nasty morning commute but just not a great one because the roads will be slightly slick. then you go into 3:00. this is the afternoon commute wednesday. you can see that's a pretty good hit there, especial whether i san mateo, san jose. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00. you get whack. north bay kind of out of it. now, i've moved out. i've gotten a bigger lower resolution, but this model goes out further. i'm going to pick it up where we left off. now we're in wednesday night. rain in santa rosa wednesday night so the commute is done, but it's still raining, and then we get a little break. that's that break on thursday. thursday morning, you got wet roadways. if you're going to the mountains, chains on 50 and 80
5:50 pm
thursday morning. here we move forward, thursday, friday. friday morning, this is no. 2 comes on shore. that's friday at 5:00 a.m. right on the morning commute. you get the picture. i'm thinking wednesday night commute. friday morning commute are going to be dicey. all the commutes are going to be hit, but those two are going to be hit right at the heart of the storms. friday at 3:00 towards the afternoon commute. you see it sort of backing away. rain fall accumulations, i'm going to take it through both days, both storms through wednesday and friday event or at least 2:00 on friday. in the models, suggesting over 2 inches of rain in san rafael and oakland. certainly you're going to see over 3 and 4 inches in coastal hills. it's not going to produce major flooding. it's definitely what we need. it's going to help. the forecast highs tomorrow as i mentioned, 5 and 8, 10 degrees cooler than they were then because of clouds and rain. snow levels start off hieshgs by the way, then start to lower down as we get into thursday and friday. in the mountains, i suspect it's going to start snowing on wednesday, and uong it's going
5:51 pm
to stop snoeg on sunday morning. this is our forecast. they're going to get plenty of snow. rain and wind on your wednesday commute. afternoon commute is going to be the dicey one there. there's a break but still not good driving around then there's your friday morning commute, early morning commute is going to be kind of dicey. five-day forecast with bay area weekend in view. nice to have weather talking about. take a picture. i said that before, but i am going to take a picture of this. that's how february is supposed to look. rain, break, rain, break, and that's one of the first times we've seen it all year. >> and i can't believe yesterday we were in 70s in places. >> yeah. almost in the 70s today. >> thank you, bill those ever-popular cell phone selfies are being blamed now for increasing the number of head lice cases among teenagers. lice outbreaks are sipically seen in grade schools but here's the issue. lice treatment experts say they're seeing an increasing number of teens getting lice, and the reason is they say many teens are leaning their heads together to take cell phone
5:52 pm
pictures of themselves, and those selfies are making it easier for lice to spread. celebrating the man behind the jeans, the tribute in san francisco today to levi strauss. plus it's not just any container full of koivens. how this discovery in their own backyard made bun couple millions of dollars richer. back now to julie haener in the news room with more on what weir work on at 6:00. >> under fire for slow response times when every minute matters. >> we can do better. >> the proposal to get san jose firefighters on a scene in less time, and why critics say it won't work. plus, a convincing truck giving burglars a chance to get into your home. the cautionary tale from a victim and the simple precaution police want you to take. these storys and more coming up in less than ten minutes at 6:00. ñw?
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
dozens of people gathered for a labor rally in san francisco today. the event is in support of a proposal to expand local hierg mandates to apply to private developments and publicly-owned land. the measure would require private developers to disclose information including local hiring opportunities. >> a lot of wealth in san francisco. make sure our prosperity comes down in a large way, more than a
5:56 pm
trickle to our neighborhoods. >> new proposal expands his 2010 ordinance which establishes a local hire mandate for publicly-funded projects. avalos says this latest proposal and the ordinance would create jobs and benefits san franciscoans who need them the most. new at 5:00, a rare find right in their own backyard. a couple walking their dog made a discovery that made them millionaires. that discovery was a container full of coins, but as you can imagine, they weren't just any coins. ktvu's walker live now. noel, i saw your tweet today. you got to hold it, and you have one now. >> gasia, this is what a million bucks looks like. it's $20 face value, but worth a million dollars. this 1866 coin, all gold, is one of 1400, take a look at some of these down here. it's one of 1400 gold coins that a couple found on their property in gold country.
5:57 pm
they found it buried in rusted-out cans. these are some of them. they were eight cans. this particular coin, the experts say that this is a better example of its kind than the one that is on display in the smithsonian. the collection is a collector's dream. a young couple taking their dog for a walk stumbled on a can sticking out of the ground. they opened it, and then found some coins caked in dirt. they didn't really know how special their treasure was until they had the experts take a look at it. that's someone who studies rare coins was the first expert to see the find. he told me the couple just shoved a box across the table. >> how many are there? and they -- they looked at one another and kind of whispered a little bit and with a big smile said, well, we found about 1400, and my jaw dropped. but some of these are the finest there is, and so it was so
5:58 pm
exciting to somebody like me. and it isn't just the coins. i mean, you know, i've done this for a long time. but it's the story. >> now, the story is really a snapshot of that moment in time when someone buried these coins who clearly did not seem to trust the banks and for good reason because some of the banks were closing and running out of money at the time in history. basically the equivalent of sticking your money under the mattress only the expert told me much better. in fact, after this couple found the coins and assessed and categorized everything they had, you know what they did witt? they buried it again in an ice chest, dug a hole underneath their woodpile because they weren't sure what to do with it. if you want your little piece of history, these things are going on sale. they'll be on sale at the end of mae, beginning of june on web site and then also on amazon. it's the first time amazon is going to sell coins. if you have a million bucks, this one could be yours.
5:59 pm
reporting live in tiburon, noel walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> my gosh, is that everyone's dream or what? all right. thank you, noel. people who work in levi strauss in san francisco are getting a look at some of the company's oldest pair of jeans. >> this is a pair of pants that a minor -- a hard rock minor bought in 1917. >> every year on the founder's birthday, levi's opens up the archives for employees to learn more about the company's history, and tomorrow to mark his 185th birthday, the company says it will make a special donation. back in 1854, levi strauss donated $5,000 to the orphan asylum society. it's now called the edgewood center for children and family. caring for children in need was a cause close to levi strauss' heart. >> it was his first donation as far as we know, certainly one of the earliest right after his arrival here in san francisco. it's really wonderfully symbolic because here we are on levi's birthday replicating one of his, if not his very first donation.
6:00 pm
>> tomorrow, the company plans to make a $15,000 donation to the edgewood center. now at 6:00, caltrans admits the new bay bridge had its problems. the promise it is making to the public about the bridge in spite of that. in a split second, she went from a healthy teenager to being confined to a wheelchair. the reason she refuses to call hearst a victim of bay area street violence. and well-rehearsed and elaborate lies. thooefs are struck three times in one month. the story burglars are telling to gain access to bay area homes. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. caltrans admits the new eastern span in the bay bridge has its flaws, but tonight officials insist it is safe enough to with stand an earthquake. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. ktvu sat down exclusively today with the chief engineer of the new bay


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